• Adi Goldstein
    Adi Goldstein Composer・Music Producer ・Arranger・Keyboard & Piano Player

    AGSoundrax made By Adi Goldstein, Goldstein is an accomplished composer,arranger,piano and a keyboard player also a demo composer and beta tester for Cinematic-Instruments and Soundiron.
    From an early age he ventured into the realms of jazz and classical music, Goldstein has collaborated with countless artists around the world, lending his skills as producer, arranger, programmer, pianist and keyboardist, Goldstein has been contributing music to numerous documentaries, commercials, trailers, stage performances, television shows and film and other forms of media. Goldstein writes in many different genres including Orchestral, Electronic, World, Pop/Rock, Jazz, Latin, New Age,and more ….”.


As an accomplished composer, Goldstein blends melodic ideas and genres.From the simplistic approach of folk music to the complex and rich harmonies of jazz and classical music. His music has been used in numerous commercials and trailers, and he has scored music for both the stage and TV/Film.


  • Composition, production, orchestration, arranging and programming.
  • Highly experienced in audio and video post production.
  • Extensive experience in sound editing and sound design software including Digidesign’s Pro-tools/Steinberg’s Nuendo and Cubase / Apple Logic Pro / Ableton Live and sound syntheses.